Who we are?

Balti-Stone Mining Company , Using modern knowledge and new and modern machinery, is responsible for the operation of Cream Namin marble and Cream Khalkhal travertine mines and tries to introduce various and beautiful persian stones to the world.

Balti-Stone Company backed by more than seventy years of experience, With a young management and experienced engineering staff, it is a leader in the field of mining, manufacturing and commercial industries in the Iranian stone industry.

The production line of our factory is designed under the license of the German company Winter and is equipped with Italian Barsanti machines that can cut 10,000 square meters of stone and produce 4,000 tons of raw stone per month and is one of the most successful and active stone producing companies in domestic and international markets.

Trust us and we will carry out your orders, professionally and with highest integrity.

Our Commitment to Service, Quality & Value: We recognize that our customers are individual companies with unique and distinctive needs, striving against their own competition for success and survival. It is clear that in order to succeed, we must raise our expectations of quality, performance and mutual support. Companies involved in trade, whether buyers or sellers, are composed of individuals with requirements and opinions that matter.

We know that we are judged by performance so we strive to be trusted.

Extraction Area


Namin Quarries are located in a mountainous area north-west of Iran in Ardabil Province, close to Namin Township. Namin is among the region with cold climate, which are known to have high quality marble quarries. The background color of Namin Marble is light cream, and gray calcite streaks with white halos are scattered throughout the surface. In some areas these streaks are closer to coral color, creating beautiful patterns in the stone. In these marbles white halos are distributed all over the surface similar to islands, as if they are masses surrounded by ice. That is why these stones are also called “Ice Flower Namin Marbles”. The clarity of the color and the excellent quality of this stone has convinced many deft engineers to use it in different parts of the building. Because of its high density and low porosity, this product has an excellent standability .

Capable of producing more than 1 million cubic meter of marble, the biggest source of cream Namin marble in Iran.

Namin Region: Located in the north west of Iran, near the city of Ardebil.

All of the marbles in our Product section come from this region.

Sample code Marble Namin
Specific Gravity 2.66
Water Absorption 0.75%
Strength in Dry Mode 1320Kg/cm2
Stregth in Wet Mode 1270Kg/cm2
Hardness 3
Porosity Negligible

marble properties

Namin Marble has a density of 2.65 -2.72, wear coefficient of 0.17%, and single axial compressive strength of 1300-1450 kg/cm2, which puts at a higher status compared to its other Iranian rivials such as Harsin, Khoi, and Dehbid marbles.

Processing of this marble is usually in the form of slabs, and during the production epoxy is used to fill out the fine streaks in the surface of the stone. If processed as tile, colorless mastic or background color is used to fill out the ultrafine streaks in the surface. UV operation indirectly drives and consolidates the special resin inside the streaks. This procedure results in high quality processing in polishing the stone. The most common application of this stone is on the exterior and interior walls of the building, as well as flooring, stairs, and cabinets.

Production Procedure: All of our products are cut and prepared in factory with (?) machinery, and best material is used in the production line.


  • Competitive Price
  • Quality Production
  • Beautiful Patterns and Colors
  • High Porosity – Strong Marble for Flooring
  • High polishing